Saturday, December 03, 2011

No Not Yet

Despite that the guys who are remodeling our tiny bathroom worked from 8am this morning until 8pm tonight, the bathroom is still not ready for me to use.  I say me, because I sort of made a decision that this is not going to be the bathroom that we use every day.  We are going to keep using the new bathroom downstairs for our showers so this one can look good for awhile.  Can you say she must live in house with men?

Anywho - here is the course of five days work.

 They completly gutted it!  Took out our old moldy window, installing a nice new vinyl one and pulled the old tub out.  Glad I wasn't around when they had to do that.

 New plaster and walls. In the exposed area is where a tiny little cupboard was when we bought the house.  On the first bathroom remodel, the Tall Guy boarded over it.  It was kind of a hoot to see it again.

New underlayment went down on the floor, something the tall guy and his dad didn't do in the first remodel about 30 years ago.

 Brand new slate tile done in an offset pattern.  Funny thing is though that one odd tile.  Of all the tiles left in the box, one wonders why the tile guys used it?  It's not terrilby offensive now that the toilet is down.
This sure is a change from my little one inch tiles that were always popping up and having to be re-glued down all the time.  There were times when I just would pull the rug over them and forget about them for awhile.
 New paint!  It is not as blue as this picture would indicate, more aqua but not a deep caribe.  Later this week, I am going to go shopping for a new shower curtain.  Not sure right now what direction I am going with that, but it will be fun checking out Bed Bath and Beyond or Kohls for that.

 A new medicine cabinet, vanity and sink.  The sink is not operational yet because it was missing a piece so that will be finished later.  Tomorrow is a trip to Menards to get lightbulbs for the medicine cabinet. These are not your normal lights so that might be an experience.  Not sure what I was thinkin when I told him to put the towel bar up there, I think it might of had to do with not wanting to mar the wainscoating with it.  But I am going to live with it.

And finally a new tub surround.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the before, but actually it would be way too embarrassing to post them!  The shower and window was bordering on gross and I am surprised the DIL ever wanted to take showers in this one.

The guys will be back next week to caulk and finish up some things.  Also the painters need to come back as the paint job was not up to par, but we will deal with that as it comes.

It's been a long day.  After the guys left, I started dusting and sweeping all that fine dust that remodeling creates.  I was just going to do a bit, but once I got going, I just wanted to be done with it.  Tomorrow, I'll vaccum the furniture and kick back after that. 

This remodeling stuff is hard work.

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