Monday, December 19, 2011

The Goodie Bag Hat
  by Cheryl Oberle

 The Yarn - Classic Elite Liberty Wool.  I love the feel of this yarn, well and of course the colors.  So much that I went back for the rest of it, for a scarf and if enough a pair of mittens.

 When off the head, it doesn't look like a hat,

And from the front, it isn't the most flattering of looks, but on me there aren't many hats that do look good on me.

Best of all is the back.  I've been wanting a hat like this for sometime.  It will be a great hat for walking in the winter when it gets colder.  Normal hats, the hair gets in the way and more times than not, I was trying to keep the hat on with the pony tail.  Then, I'd get warm and pull it off and then cold and try to get it back on.

If you are interested in the free  pattern, pop on over to

My hat took me 5 days to knit, but in reality, there is still time for you to knit one before Christmas!

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