Thursday, December 22, 2011

My 12 Days of Christmas Vacation

Technically it's only 11 days, but I am counting tonight as one day. The minute I walked out of work tonight, I was in the holiday mood. After dinner, shopping with the Tall Guy, a glass of wine, a cuppa mystic chai tea and some knitting on the great nephew's sweater, I am ready to hit the hay.---the first day of my Christmas vacation!

Tomorrow, I get the house to myself as both the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B have to work. I'm going to get up when I feel like it, drink some coffee and open the drapes when the mood strikes me. he plan tomorrow is to chill, finish knitting the little nephew's swearer and start the little niece's sweater. Also, on the list for tomorrow is some wrapping while there aren't any prying eyes.

Oh I've got lots of plans for my 12 days of Christmas vacation, mostly involving knitting and doing what I dang well please!

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