Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Eighth Day of Christmas Vacation

It's finished and wrapped. Ahhh, that feels good.  But now, two things.  I've been posting over on my facebook page the finished sweaters.  Mistake.  My cousin in Colorado wants me to knit her a one of a kind ski cap.  It's kind of like the can I say no?  I just hope she doesn't want it too quick and too elaborate!

The second thing - now I have to figure out what I really want to be knitting on (before I start her one of a kind ski hat).  So, I am doing some swatching.  The Cranberry Capelet (on left) or this new little capelet from Knit Simple.   

The Liberty Wool originally was going to be a scarf to go with my cap, but wouldn't it look cool in this little shawl from Knit Simple?  And it is a contender for working on while sitting at the shop or on knit nite, also known as idiot knitting.  The other possibility is a couple of other shawls I have my eyes on.
And of course, last but not least is my Bloomsbury Jacket.  I've got to take some time and see where I was on it.

So many choices!

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