Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fifth Day of Christmas Vacation

Finally, after two days and many tries at the sweater for the great-niece, I have one that I like.  I'm using the Knitting Pure and Simple top down pattern, but using big blocks of stripes that incorporates all the Encore that I bought for it originally.  I think by the time it is done, I won't have to buy any extra yarn...stash all the way.

 This morning I put in Schoolhouse Press' DVD Glossary to look up the Jogless Stripe.  For years, Meg has talked about it, and I never quite got it straight in my mind or rather I was just too lazy.  Last Summer at Stitches, I even took a class on it.  I got it then, but everytime I went to use it I had to haul out the instructions.  For some reason, the DVD made it quite simple for me this morning.

I'm pretty stoked about it.  Looks pretty good and when I went to do the yellow one, I didn't have to even look at it again!

The rest of the day I've been doing some knitting and watching the DVD.  It has kind of been like having the day after Christmas "knit day".  Wouldn't it be fun to arrange one of those next year?

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