Thursday, December 27, 2012

Off To Iowa

to celebrate Christmas with the kids over there.  I would prefer to have done it on Christmas, but there is always next year....but before we could go, I got a wild hair that perhaps I should start a tradition where every year, Miss Mona Lisa would get some mittens for Christmas - knitted mittens.  

And I had some perfect yarn that I could use for this year's mittens.  And I had a whole day to knit them and surely they couldn't take that long to do.  These are from one of my favorite websites - A Purl Bee.

And when they didn't take that long and I still had some yarn left, I thought she needed a hat to go with them.  This one is from Itty Bitty Knits.  I added the toppers from Tilli Tomas' pattern that I knit up from my niece's baby present.  

So now Miss Mona Lisa will have a hat and mittens for her first Christmas.  I hope the hat fits!

 Heck I hope the mittens fit!  This maybe one of those traditions the kids will have wished Grandma had not started!

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