Friday, December 07, 2012

On The 6th and 7th Days of Christmas

Yep, it was two days in one and that is exactly what it seemed like.  Fast forwarding and two days went by without hardly any Christmas knitting.  This is a sad state of affairs.

Yesterday was the Girls Holiday Bash that I coordinate with two of my young co-workers.  Last year if you remember, I and my friend Norma, knitted everyone scarves.  This year, we had a few left over so we gave them as prizes too.

Every year, the other two gals shop for themed center pieces that we do a raffle for.  Normally, I don't participate, but this year, there were a several centerpiece that I really wanted.  And  I won two of them.  One is some gorgeous jewelry in my fave color Caribe Blue and this basket of spa related items.  It is so darn cool and I was totally excited.

There is a lot of prep that goes into the Girls Holiday Bash, and I am the emcee for it.  By the time I got home last night, I was dead on my feet, and the only thing I wanted to do is get into my comfy chair and veg for awhile before heading to be.  Hence, the two days in one post.

 I am still not rested up, so it is an early night tonight, but I did manage to do a little knitting.  I have casted on this sweater for Mona Lisa.  It is really not meant to be a Christmas present, especially as tomorrow is yarn shop day and I am really looking forward to picking out some yarns for my rendition of Mona Lisa's Closet.
This may be my go to knitting for lys Saturdays.  I can knit on something fun AND it is from the shop that I will be knitting at - Knit 4 Together in Dunlap.  Past readers know how I feel about sitting at a shop and making sure I am knitting on there yarns while taking up their space.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's new yarn acquirement.

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