Sunday, December 02, 2012

On The 2nd Day of Christmas

I managed to stay on program for the whole day.  I made a really super delicious Banana Mango Smoothie that I hope to duplicate tomorrow for breakfast.  I made my own scrambled egg this morning and those who know me when see that for the major feat that it is...I don't cook.

I didn't finish the scarf for my niece, but it is half way done.  A couple of other things have been on my mind today, like what I want to knit after all the Christmas knitting is done.  But, I am happy to report that I have not acted upon my thoughts of future knitting projects.  Another major feat for me.

Which came first the book or the yarn?  In my case, it was the yarn.  I found some Pacific at the shop yesterday, knew I wanted to knit an afghan for my niece's new baby to be and in what colors, but did not know what amounts to buy.  In looking at patterns, I pulled this book off of the shelf.  I have the first issue which uses worsted (which reminds me at this blogging, I should maybe look at it) and thought maybe I would find some yardages in the book and then go home and find a pattern.
 It became real evident that this was a book that I needed.  There are so many cute things in the book.   It is geared towards sport weight, but I think I can make it work with Pacific.

This is the blanket pattern I am going to use for the new baby.  I love it in the colors in the book even though they are not the mom-to-be's colors.  I can't wait to start this and see it come to life, but I am going to wait.

The original plan was to do a blanket out of the pink and cream before I knew her colors for the nursery.  I was going to hold a strand of each and do the big bad baby blanket by Debbie Stoller.  But, once I saw the shop had a nice purple and with the help of Nancy and Sue we came up with a combo of the three.

Which led me to this sweater.  Actually, the front is solid with a big stripe and some lollipop flowers, but Sue and I both thought a whole sweater front and back would be a nifty spring sweater for Mona Lisa.

I must have a pink and purple thing going on these days, because I'm using them again for Mona Lisa's sweater.  We added a little rosy as the third color.

I am pretty proud that on the second day I'm staying pretty true to my holiday knitting, even though I really want to be casting on one of these new cuties.

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