Saturday, December 01, 2012

The 24 Days of Christmas

As the real song goes, we all know there are 12 days to Christmas.  But for knitters, there are really 24 +days to Christmas.  The realization set in this morning as I was looking at the ads, that I have some work ahead of me!  And that I should blog about it this year, then maybe look back next year this same time and see how it all worked for me.  One of the things I am sure that I will have learned is that Christmas knitting really needs to start in about September....note to self.

Yesterday was nail day and we are starting a month of festive red nails, I just had to share this one.  It is two coats of red (OPI color, don't know the name) with a coat of sparkly stuff over it (also OPI).  The sparkly has a little gold to it.  Tis the season to be red and it goes with World Aids Day today.

Mona Lisa needs a stocking or maybe two.  I think I have decided to cast on this one.  I, also have cast on Eli's stocking from Schoolhouse Press, but am thinking it may be a little ambitious of a knit for me.  You know, like maybe that is one that should have been started in September OR for someone who has nothing else to knit???

I have the yarn for it.  I just love these Lamb's Pride colors, such true Christmas colors.

My real hope for today is to finish this scarf for my great niece...this is the other yarn that was in the bag she gave me to knit for her.  Surprisingly, in the rib pattern the Red Heart yarn is softening up a bit.  If there is any left, I have a new pattern from Susan B. Anderson for mittens that I wouldn't mind trying out for her.

Wow, that seems like a lot for the first day of Christmas.  Why oh why didn't I start in September??

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