Saturday, December 08, 2012

On the 8th Day of Getting Ready for Christmas

It became very clear today while typing this post, that I really meant all along to have titled these posts as getting ready for Christmas, not ...Christmas.  So from here on out, I will try to remember it.

Today, was a very good day.  I feel like I am accomplishing stuff.  Well, at least my friends and the internet are helping we accomplish stuff.  It's no secret, the only kind of real shopping I like to do is one of two ways, on the internet or at a yarn shop.    I accomplished both of those today.

 My good friend Sue and fellow knitter shopped for me last week while she was in Chicago, so I have these little cuties thanks to her!

The non e-book version of Mabel's closet came today in the mail, in this cute little muslin bag.  Inside was the autographed version of the book and a knitbot pin.

While at the yarn shop today, I had the help of knitters Sue, Kendra and Debbie on the colors for Mona Lisa's closet.

 I had an idea what I wanted from the Boden kids clothes website as to where I wanted to go with the ensemble.   And I think we came up with some pretty good matches.

All of her stuff is going to go in this adorable Thirty-One Bag which has her name in black on it, IF I get them done by the end of the year.  I'll have a little time I think, because I don't think we are getting together until between Christmas and New Years.
I really wanted to come home and immediately swatch for them, but I told myself I could not until I have my other orders placed, my bank account balanced and all the catching up on some must do stuff.
Then, and only then can I swatch.

So, as soon as I post this I'm heading over to balance my account, have dinner and then I can sit down and do a little swatting!!

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