Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the 17th Through the 20th

I have spent nearly the whole week working on one little dress.  Who would think it would take this long.  The garter hem took me a couple of nights.  Not that there was a lot to it, I just wasn't crazy with any of the joins that I was doing.

 I finally found one last night that I am okay with.  I sat it up so it was on the side so it wouldn't scream, here I am!

Fast forward and it is the 20th!   Look what cool mug I received from my co-worker today.  How cool is this one???

 As she gave it to me, she remarked that she did not think I needed another mug, which I responded how much I love my knitting mugs and yes, I could always use another one of these!

 So, this is where I am at Autumn Frock.  I a hoping to get the sleeves done tonight so I can start on another item from Hannah Fettig's Mabel's Closet.  I have this little onesie to give to Mona Lisa next week, and I thought it might be fun to giver the dress and a little hat at the same time.

 I'm off now until January 3rd and I hope to accomplish a lot of knitting from Mabel's Closet while I am off.  In Central IL, we are getting our first snow, and the predictions are for blizzard like conditions over night.  Thank goodness, I can hunker down and not go out tomorrow!

 The lights did a little flicker just moments ago, and I am hoping that is not a sign to come, but once the Tall Guy gets home he can get our generator all souped up and ready to go, just in case.  The winds are a blowin which makes me just a tad nervous, don't want that to interfere with my first day of Christmas vacation.

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