Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Push Is On!

It has started.  All of the commercials are touting the current weight loss plan.  I've kind of already started getting back on track, but there is still another week of festivities to get through.

A few weeks ago, before the holiday kicked in, I started following a no wheat thought of eating.  Surprisingly, it seems to help a bit.  The Tall Guy has been totally supportive, cooking for us and looking at labels.  I took a few days off over Christmas (eating lefsa, Christmas cookies and candies galore).  I noticed the difference the last few days and am anxious to get back on track.  Wouldn't it be totally cool if I just had an intolerance to wheat???

Now, one of things that has NOT happened is that I had not been losing any weight and the belly is still there, but if other issues go bye bye, I would be quite pleased with following the Wheat Belly way of thinking.

Since our Christmas was kind of low key this year (heading to Iowa tomorrow for a couple of days), I have been working on my niece's afghan for her baby shower at the end of January.  I am going to have to focus on it for a bit since their is a deadline.

I came to the conclusion last night that I was just not loving this afghan.  Mainly it was the back that has been bothering me.  I really kind of dislike one sided shawls and afghans.  My thought is that they are really meant to be seen from both sides and this one is just not doing it for me.

I had been tossing around a ripple afghan from over at the Purl Bee but am not yet 100% sold on it yet. Then today, the mailman dropped off my yarn from Chris at Briar Rose for the Eadon sweater I am going to do in the new year.

In the box, Chris included a pattern for me - Brick Road Afghan.  It is very similar to one that Deb out at the yarn shop had knitted out of Sublime and one that I had originally given thought to doing. It would seem that I have come full circle back to my original thought.

I was hoping to be knitting on it on my way to Iowa and back on Friday, but it looks like I have spent a little too much time today working on one last project for Miss Mona Lisa.  Time to shut it down for now.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we certainly seem to be making ours last as long as it can!

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