Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Cold Blustery Day with A Side of Warm and Cozy Feelings

What an amazing morning I had today!  I went to the prayer shawl group for the first time.  Lets just say I am so impressed with the home that I am considering volunteering besides knitting prayer shawls.

We got a tour of the entire home, saw a room, the family room, the dining room, the garden, the laundry for both patients and for out of town family that may be staying for an extended period, the shower room for family, the chapel, we saw everything.  

I just cannot explain how glad I am that I went today, so much that I am really going to do my best to be able to attend twice a month as much as possible.  

My knitting friend, Victoria is a volunteer at the home and chairing the prayer shawl group.  She is such a giving person and you just cannot help want to be a part of this group after hearing how much the patients and their families appreciate the shawls and lap blankets we are about to knit for them.  There were times where I had to hold back the tears.  It was a cold, blustery day, but such a warm cozy feeling coming out.

I am so excited on where this all will take me, in my knitting and beyond.  If you have a hospice home near you, investigate a prayer shawl ministry there.  You will feel it, I know you will!

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