Monday, January 19, 2015

The Best of Days

Nope, I did not languish in bed all morning.  I was up at the regular time.  I drank a lot of coffee, had the t.v. completely off and watched some knitting video casts for a couple of hours.  When I finally got around to opening the windows, this is the view down the street.  The sun was shining and the snow is really starting to melt.

These birdies kept me company almost until the mid afternoon.  I am not sure what they like so much about this spot, but they tend to spend some time coming and going.  There is no place to make a nest there, so I know it is not that.  There was a small incident when a bird flew into the window, but when I got up to look all was well.

I had a few things surrounding my chair today as I enjoyed a knitting day just for me.  All of them were in reach of my chair.

I spent the morning swatching my new yarn from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers.  I started doing a circular gauge swatch because initially I thought it was going to be a pullover EZ style and using Kate Davies' Finitry pattern for the top.

I decided that maybe it just wants to be the Finitry pattern which is a cardigan.  I continued the swatch by breaking it up to go back and forth, first in the Moss Stitch pattern and then in stockinette.

I used the putting the swatch next to the heat vent with the deflector aimed down for a fast dry.

A few hours later, I have a dry swatch.  I think I have something here!  Eagle eyes will wonder about what the real color is of the yarn.  These winter days are so hard to get a good picture in good daylight.
All I can say is that it isn't this bright of a green nor is a super camp as it is showing above.  It is kind of a cross between the two.

I hurried over to Chris' website this afternoon and picked up the other skein of this color way before someone else snatched it up.  With using some for a swatch, I want to make sure that I have sufficient quantities of my dye lot to complete it without causing too much stress on both Chris and I. 
And in typical Chris fashion, I already got my confirmation and the shipping information from her.  What customer service!

It has been a great day off, I've enjoyed it so much, and having the sun shining, the birds singing and the snow melting doesn't hurt a bit.

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Shawn Hoelscher said...

Penny, I can just feel how relaxing your day was today. Good for you my friend.