Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Mornings

I love my weekends, who wouldn't?!  Saturdays are for knitting at the shop with friends and then laundry.  Sunday afternoons bring all those things you gotta get done before heading back to work and frankly Sunday nights, I am in front of the t.v. knitting, and watching HGTV and as of last week Downton Abbey.  

But,` Sunday mornings are no rush to do anything around here.  I stay in my jammies until I absolutely have to.  I refuse to exercise on the weekends so I don't even jump on the treadmill, even though I know I should.  After showering, I jump on the scale to see where I am at for the start of my week…what?  How can I have gained?  Oh, yep, it must have been that ice cream and Hershey's sauce I had yesterday or the lack of exercise all last week.

After that rude awakening, I start planning my week.  Time to start walking again, thoughts about what to take to work for lunch, what do I need to make ahead of time to be ready to go.  

Sunday mornings include a look at knitting of course, what do I have to show for the last week of knitting, what do I want to be knitting on this next week, what will I take to knit on during lunch at work, what do I want to be focusing on in my knitting right now.

First up, my first of hopefully 12 pairs of socks for 2015.  This is my go to project when I just want to do a bit of knitting or also when I just can't figure out what I want to be knitting on.  Does anyone else ever have that dilemma?

#2 on the list, it's a WIP, Eadon.  If I finish Eadon this year, I'll not only have a WIP completed, but a yarn cubby will be empty.  This yarn takes up a whole bin.

And of course, Wool Peddler Shawl for the Hospice Home.  I did have to rip this back a bit, but I am certainly glad I did, I like it much better that way!

I really tried to cast on something new this morning, but didn't, since we have a KAL starting later this week on the Knitaway group.  I'll save the casting on for it then.  

At this writing, it is snowing really big flakes outside again and we are getting another dusting of snow.     We are hearing there will be a bit of ice also to follow, but well, we'll deal with that if/when it comes.

How quickly Sunday mornings go by!

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