Monday, January 26, 2015

This Week On the Needles

And what I am concentrating on knitting, this week.  Kind of like when you open a fortune cookie and you read your fortune, and you add in bed to the end of it.  I'm adding this week to my knitting.

My watermelon sock.  The first sock got some major work done on it for Sunday knitting, finally got it past the heel.  I am still loving this.  

For a moment yesterday, I gave thought to ripping it back and doing an afterthought heel.  But, now, I am glad I didn't and left it alone.

It's a belt in rib.  I've been wearing my Gibson quite a bit this winter, and every time I put it on, I just feel like it needs a bit of a belt to keep it closed.  I'm not 100% sure the whole belt is going to be rib, I'm giving thought to knitting the main body and then finishing the rest out of rib too…to be decided.

Unexpectedly we got more snow today.  I guess that would be a sign that Spring is a bit.  The Kinetic Cowl has been in my knitting bag all winter long and doesn't get much knitting time.  But, last night for some reason I just felt like knitting on it.  It will have some matching mittens if and when.  I just like picking it up for some no nonsense knitting.  It even went to work with me today, which was a waste of carrying it in.  There just isn't any knitting time at lunch like there used to be.

Still ongoing is my Wool Peddler's Prayer Shawl.  I had high hopes of having it off the needles by now and sitting on the blocking table, but it just hasn't happened yet.  There are about 24 rows left which may sound like not much, but in reality, it's a few stitches in each row of lace to knit.

And finally, the Churchmouse Bias Scarf.  This is the purse project that is always ready to be knit on.  The yarn is very fine, so it has quite a bit of way to go on it.  I think I'll just use it as my work project too, you know just in case I get some time to knit when I actually take a lunch!

Thats the line up for this week of whats on the needles.  How about you, what are you knitting?

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