Friday, January 16, 2015

And On The 16th Day

Pjknits got yarn in the mail…so much for Stash and WIPS!

Can you blame me?  Friend Chris, from Briar Rose Fibers just dyed some new yarn,  Joyful, in the last week or so and posted it. I could not resist a new yarn to me.  And I don't have a green in my Stash, well, you know the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, my monitor is showing this to be a bit brighter than it really is, it is a tad darker than the picture comes out.  You know I'll be trying to decide what to knit out of it as soon as I finish this blog post don't you?!  The yarn is 100% polwarth wool, with a gauge of 24 stitches to four inches, so around a DKish.  There are about 640 yards to each skein and I have 3 skeins so I can knit almost anything I want to out of it.  Problem is what?

Also, in the mail today, was some super cool yarn from a vendor that Becky turned me onto.  The only thing is, I had planned on buying two yarns from the vendor, and when I opened the box, I realized I had only order one of them.

 I just love it when a vendor does something funky with their packaging, this is how the box came.  A heart in yarn!

And not in today's mail but earlier this week, my Peanuts nightgown and robe showed up from The Vermont Country Store.  These are so cool and I can't wait to wear them.  Dear Jane from Knitting Camp sent me the link because she knows how much I like Snoopy and well they were mine!

I love it when the Postman Cometh, don't you?  I can hardly wait for tomorrow's mail!

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