Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stash and WIPS 2015 Goals and Expectations

Over the last few days, I thought of somethings that I really want to be knitting on this year so I started making a bit of a list.  I figured I might just as well put them on the blog so they would be a reminder to me and not easily forgotten.  And if it is in print, it may hold me a tad bit more accountable in 2015.

Knit Camp - Only 6 months to go and this is my year of Caribe Blue yarns that I want to knit my show and tell from - Faroese Shawls, yes I said shawls.  Stonington Shawl.

I am constantly opening my Folk Shawls book by Cheryl Oberle.  We are gearing up for a new KAL over on the  Knitaway group and I am excited to cast on the Kimono Shawl around the 15th.  I acquired some yarn for it and at this posting, I believe it is going to be a future hospice shawl.

BriarRose Fibers - I have some lovely yarns from Chris that I want to knit up this year.  My Eadon has been a WIP for what 2-3 years, I really want to finish it.  I have Wistful in a great denim color that I want to knit Anne Hansen's Caissa out of.  A sweater quantity of Sea Pearl that I want to knit Hitofude out of.  Everyone says Hitofude looks good on everyone and so I want to test the theory out.  I, also have Sea Pearl that is a WIP for about as long as Eadon has been.  It is Vitamin D and the reason that one has not been finished as I know I need to add stitches and length to it, but I am just not sure about it, so it sits waiting.  I probably should not even put that on the 2015 list because I just do not think it is going to make the grade.

One of must knits this year from Stash is my Gulf of Mexico yarn from Three Irish Girls.  It is a MUST knit.  And while on the subject of Turquoise colorways on the list is the MadTosh in Button Jar Blue.  It is slated for the Custom Fit pattern that I got from Amy Herzog which is Featherweight by Hannah Fettig.

Also on the list for 2015, are three afghans…yep, I said three.  One is also from Chris' yarn and the Brick Road Afghan.  I want to knit it for our living room and started it last Summer after we moved in, but that was as far as it has gotten.  The second afghan is out of Simpliworsted in a lovely aqua color.  I want to throw it over the end of our bed for quick naps.  It originally was going to be the Building Block Afghan pattern, but I also have a bright green that I have decided to work on maybe a block a month this year.  I think that afghan would be a nice little blankie for Miss Mona Lisa when she is at Grandma's house.

I am also committing myself to knitting prayer shawls for the Hospice Home in Peoria in 2015.  Not only do I feel this is a great way of paying it forward, but how better to use my craft for good.  I have some great ideas for what patterns and yarns I can use for them, using up some stash and getting to do some nice uncomplicated knitting.

Every year, it would seem this one makes to my list - Fair Isle Knitting.  I'm also one of the moderators over on the Fearless Feral Knitters.  Janine goes to knit camp, and is a fair isle knitter/designer extraordinaire!  Not only does she have a knack for some of the coolest sweaters (I loved a vest she designed for Sweaters from Camp many many years ago and told her about it back before I really knew her), but she has an eye for color too.  Unfortunately, she lives in California, so the only time I get to soak her talent up is for a short time in July.  I've got one of her hat patterns that I would love to knit or a tam (that is not hers) from the book I got last year at camp.  With this cold weather we have been having, it sure would have been nice to have it to wear already.

 I know there are a couple of sweaters for Bella and Mona Lisa that are on the needles and several new yarns that are just begging to be something for them, and I'll work them in as we go.

And oh there are cowls, one for the red coat, one for the black coat, another for the black coat, mittens for the brown coat….I need more than 12 months to 2015.

It's a lot of knitting isn't it?!   I better get started.

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