Saturday, January 24, 2015

Leaving It Is

Probably about four years ago, I ran across Leaving in the Miss Babs booth at Stitches Midwest.  I loved it, but at the time, I just could not come up with a color way that I loved for it.  A couple of years later, I went back and still couldn't come up with anything.  So, it has been percolating on the back burner since then.

Fast forward to my new yarn from Chris over at Briar Rose Fibers.  Joyful  !

I've had it for more than a week.

I've swatched, perused Ravelry for days, spent nights thumbing through patterns, looked at patterns in books I have and asked for some opinions from my knitting friends.

We thought we had it narrowed down or at least they thought we had one finally picked, but I decided to give the contenders another look see.

The contenders were:
EPS Pullover
Gnarled Oak

I went back to Ravelry this afternoon and looked at some of my favorite designers to see if I had missed anything, Amy Herzog Custom Fit, Bonne Marie Burns  Chic Knits and Anne Hanson Knit Spot when I eyeballed Leaving again.  I think it's the one.

Now, the big decision is Cardigan or Pullover.  Would you care to weigh in?  I'm starting with the back so I've got time to decide.  Whatcha think?


Anonymous said...

You are going to knit it in pieces?? Seaming is not usually something you enjoy doing.Linda

Penny said...

I know. I am so fickle. It is not over until the cast on has begun!