Monday, January 05, 2015

The New Work Year

It's Monday, the 5th of January.  It's back to work.  Now, don't fall off your chairs, but I'm ready!  As much as I love being home, if I had to spend one more day with the Tall Guy, I would go stark raving mad.  Oy, I love him so, but by the end of yesterday, we have had a bit too much of each other.  It's time to go back to work and let those people drive me crazy for awhile.  It's evident that it is not time for both of us to retire (not that either of is yet, but one can dream, mine would be that he work and I retire)!

I have been writing a goal and resolution post for several days now.bookmarks folder “[;]”  It's quite long and there a bunch of pictures that I want to post with it, if nothing else for my own record in a year, so it is taking a bit longer than expected.  The problem is when I think about something, it takes me off onto another direction and I start saying, hey what about that… you see the problem.

What I can say is:

I would like to be fairly monogamous.  The last few days I have been knitting on hats for Chris at BriarRose Fibers to take to Mexico next month to hand out.  Whilst, knitting on them, I realized again, just how much you can accomplish when knitting on just one thing or two.  Once I get this last one done, I have told myself that I will move on.

Sox.  I want to wear and knit more of them.  They fit so well in my Danskos. Over on the Ravelry Group, My Sister's Knitter KAL-CAL, I am participating in the Personal Mystery Sock KAL.  What I did is set out on New Year's Eve, 12 of my sock yarns and labeled them 1-12 (three of them were WIPS).

 Then, I took 12 pieces of paper with numbers 1-12 on them and put them in a baggy.

 New Years Day, right after midnight, I pulled a number out of the bag and that is the yarn I wound and cast on right after that for my sock for January.

I LOVE my first selection!  The premise is that at the end of 2015, I should have 12 new pairs of socks to wear. One of the things that I told myself multiple times last year was that I was going to start taking my lunch hour at work instead of working through part of it and eating at my desk.  Socks will be my lunchtime project and should help me work my way to new sockies in the new year.  I was going to say that I was going to introduce Sox Sunday again, but lets face it, that just really limits me on my knitting on Sundays.

Shawls.  I've got a lot of them on my mind for the new year.  I figure if I have one fairly complicated on the needles at all times, then when it is quiet and there are no distractions, I will work on it.  My current … is on the needles and was a KAL with the Knit Wits.  Since my yarn was so much thinner than called for, I had to re-cast on it again.  I had given thought to making it larger and adding more stitches, but as much as I love it, I'm really ready to be done with it, so once finished it will be a nice little shoulder shawl.

My easy shawls are going to be for a Hospice Home in Peoria.  There is a group starting there on Thursday, that I am going to go to when I can arrange the time off from work.  I am excited about this knitting, not only is it a good way of using up some of my washable yarns, but what better way to use my craft.

Knit Camp Show and Tell.  I am bound and determined to have my show and tell ready way in advance, so as not to have to be working on it right up to the last minute.  And of course, it will contain my fave color.

Oh, there is so much more to my 2015 goals, Stash and WIPS and Knit and Fit 2015!  For now, I gotta go to work (sigh)!

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