Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Website

I am motoring along on my watermelon socks and am hoping tonight to finish the first one.  I've had a few inquires on the yarn and where to get it.  I am going to confess that I didn't find it all by myself, but a post through Susan B. Anderson.  She is a sock making machine and has introduced me into all kinds of cool sock yarns.  If she features a sock yarn on her blog, you can bet the dyer is shot into stardom.

To see Susan B. Anderson's blog -- Susan

To buy the Watermelon Yarn - visit  Artistic Yarn by Abi

The yarn is a custom order and you will have to send the dyer a message through her etsy site to order.  She will respond with a custom order pic and you have to pre-pay through it before she dyes it.  It takes about a month to get your order, but it well worth it!

Happy Wednesday!

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