Saturday, March 14, 2015

All About the Pi, The Pi No Cake

Today is Pi day, 3.1415.  It will not come around for another 100 years.  We are celebrating today at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat with Pie for lunch!

And yes, I have a couple of Pi Shawls on needles in varying stages.   The very first one I ever cast on was the simple Pi Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman's (the godmother of reinventing Pi) Almanac.  I started it on the way to one of our Knit Camps.  EZ says it is the perfect shawl/knitting to take on vacation and I agree.  My thought at the time was to use up the leftover brown colorways from my Pelerine I had knitted the Winter before.  I'm getting vert close to the end of this one, but when you have a gazillion stitches towards the end, it make take a while.

 I think I might have cast on my second one that year at camp.  Schoolhouse Press had gotten some new colors in of Unspun Icelandic in a yellow, red and purple.  I just could see this in the other pattern from EZ's Almanac, the center looking so much like a sunflower.  I've nicely tucked this one away in a project bag for now because it too has a fair amount of stitches on it and is almost time for the lacey border.

Last Summer, I got a wild idea to knit on  new one from Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Cousteau color way.  I bought the yarn when Madtosh first came to our area and had been trying to figure out what to knit with it, when I happened upon the Anniversary Pi Shawl on Ravelry.  I know the yarn is a bit dark, but I am hoping when finished and blocked that it will open a bit.

Yep, I am a bit infatuated with Pi, certain that it is because I am a devotee of both Elizabeth and Meg, not because I love Math.  It isn't wonderful though that there is a day in my lifetime that we can celebrate Pi.  And not just us knitters are doing it!
Pie in the Face

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