Sunday, March 01, 2015

Starting At The End

This is my view this morning.  And it is still coming down as of this posting.

 I'm comfy cozy, in my chair, sipping hot coffee.  Debbie and I cut our trip short due to impending weather (guess the weatherman was right). And I am glad to be home early.

We had a great time while we were in Indy.  Both Friday and Saturday were sunny days and every moment was filled with fun, laughter and YARN.  I started out really good about taking pictures but then in the excitement of getting to the yarn, my camera stayed put.  But, still you will get the gist.

The nice thing about these trips is you get to see so many yarn shops, put some on the revisit list and chuck the others as nice, but not necessarily on the list to go back to the next time you travel through.  Most of the shops we went to were participating in the Yarn Crawl.

 At our first location, we bought the passport, which gave us discounts off at all of the shops and a stamp in our passport.  If you made it to a certain number of shops, you could be eligible for prizes.  It was well worth the cost even though we were not going to make to as many shops as you needed to.

First stop was Nomad Yarns in Plainfield.  Cute yarn shop in a converted house. I love these converted houses, always seeing so much potential!

And their restrooms always seem to keep with the theme, have you ever noticed that?

During the yarn crawl, all of the shops were selling this specially dyed yarn from Lorna's Laces.  Several of them had special shawl patterns that they had knit out of it.  I am anxious to cast mine on for a future blog post this month.

 Next stop Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood.  They carried a lot of hand dyed yarns and one particular group that had been dyed over a fireplace.  The yarn smelled of a fireplace as well.  Very interesting.

I particularly loved their yarn bombed spinning wheel.

By the time we were done with these two yarn shops, it was time to head to Zionsville for high tea at Serenity.  I've never been to tea and thoroughly enjoyed this one.  The down side, I ate way too much bread and they didn't sell the teas they served.  I would have bought all three that we were served.

After tea, we noticed that one of the shops that was not on our list for this trip was open to 6, so we all hopped in the car and went to The Black Sheep in Noblesville.  This is my go to shop next time.  Also, in a converted house, they had rooms designated for their yarns.  Their more expensive yarns in the front room where they could help with them.  A Spring room, the wool room, Rowan Room, Baby Room etc.  They had a super classroom set off with lots of natural light and set off from the main path of the shop.  I was super impressed with their yarns, their service and the shop.  I didn't take any pics here, but I did buy yarn.  And I will buy yarn in the future from them.    I give this shop 5 hearts and a like on Facebook.

This is what I bought.  For a requested scarf for my great niece Bella.

For me, a pink cardigan from Chic Knits.

They had a super cute tank knitted out of these two yarns, only instead of the pink they had green with it.  I am rethinking the tank pattern, but will still use the variegated for a tank.  I had also bought the pink for a Knitting Pure and Simple Cardigan to go over it.  Aren't these so Springy.  I am so ready to cast on for Spring, because well after all it is March 1st!

On Saturday, the day was beautiful, sunny and cold.  Funny, how a day so beautiful can go to gray with snow and slippery slopes.  Again, I've got no pictures, but we headed off to Mass Ave Knits, Broad Ripple and Pensey's spice shop.

I love Mass Ave and Susan remembered me from Stitches a couple of years back.  The shop was hopping and I came home with this little gem.  It is going to be a small little shawl, but it was a luxury I had to have for a yarn souvenir.  BTW, have you ever been in their WC, I love the writings on the wall.

Broad Ripple Knits or another name that cannot be blogged was okay and I got a couple of ideas of things I want for my wardrobe, but, not necessarily on my go back to list  of yarn shops if crunched for time.

Our last yarn shop was Knit Stop.  I've heard great things about it, but they were downsizing from 3 storefronts to 2 or 1, not sure which, and it was a bit crammed.  I didn't buy anything although, I did have a couple of things in my hand, I guess I was just done yarn shopping.  This one is not a high priority on my return list, but I wouldn't completely rule it out once they get settled.

We headed over to Pensey's Spices.  I don't bake and I don't cook, but this was still and interesting shop.  Since the Tall Guy does all the cooking, I gave him options of me shopping for him, but he declined.  I still came out with a couple of things, one for my coffee, one for some roasted veggies I've been hankering for.

That was the end of our day and we hopped back to the Brick Street Inn (our room was lovely and the bed was super spacious), the two of us grabbed our bags and checked out and headed home.  We hit weather about 30 minutes and my chauffeur did a bit of sliding, but we made it safe and sound back to my car.  It was a bit dicey driving to my house and I came upon an ugly accident just North of my town but I just moved slowly until I was in my driveway.

Today, I am thinking about what I am going to knit next, something Spring, something for me, something from my new yarns, ah the possibilities.  Happy March?

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