Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knitting Pipeline Retreat

I love the fact that a retreat is so close to home and I get to go knit with a crowd of knitters.  Talk knitting, shop knitting (Sun Valley Fibers will be there) and just have a super nice time!

What to take to knit on?  Something fairly easy because there will be people to talk to and watch.  

What to take?  Snacks.  My coffee mug.  My camera (need to blog after it is over).  $ or credit card to buy yarn and stuff from the sponsors of the retreat and yarn on Saturday.  Notebook and pen to write stuff down that I want to remember, like what knit was she wearing that I want to add to my queue.  

What to wear?  Layers.  Because the church can be cold and I am already cold to start with.  Something I knit?  

I got to work in the morning and my assistant is out on vacation, so I am hoping that nothing major comes around to keep me from getting out at a decent time.  I'm going to try and keep a low profile in the morning, just in case!

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