Sunday, March 08, 2015

Brown Never Looked So Good

It's 51 degrees in Central IL!  And lets hope that it is it!

We had a wonderful weekend in Iowa.  Mona Lisa is growing and talking and learning so much!  And totally potty trained.  Snowbie is wearing a tam that I knitted for her a couple of years ago.  Snowbie is never without it since he is cold you know, Grandma!

I did not get much knitting done other than in the car home today.

I talked Baby Boy B into driving on the way home and I had all the necessities around me for the ride.

And managed to get some of the scarf done for Bella's birthday party next weekend.  It shouldn't take much knitting to get it done.

I've got several appointments this week that are perfect for knitting while I wait.  And the weather is supposed to be about the same as today.  At last the snow is going away and I could not be happier.  Bring on Spring!

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