Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Mailman Cometh

He brought me some packages yesterday.  A couple of things for Bella and Mona Lisa.  A pair of jammie pants with sheep on them for me that are going back.  Way too flimsy, long and well, just do not look good even if they are jammie pants.

My order from Fringe.  All of it came packaged in this muslin bag.  Don't ask me why I bought some of this stuff, just suffice it to say I did because I wanted it.

You have to look at the picture on the right very carefully, there are very light, and I mean very light red dots on it, in the shapes of bodies.

It's for drawing styles on for dummies like that do not have an artistic drawing bone in my body.  Trust me, Art was not my A subject back in school.

I thought these little books might come in handy to carry in my knitting bag.   

 They have more graph paper in them.  One never knows when a knitter will need a bit of graph paper in her knitting bag, now does she!

These little crochet hooks are out of bone.  I love them.

And they fit perfectly in little Namaste knitting accessory holder.  That is mainly why I bought one or two/five.  I bought the light bone, but they also come in a dark wood.

This is the purchase that I was a bit disappointed in.  It is called a Bento Bag.  Love the idea, but the fabric is just way to flimsy.

You tie it up like so to carry.  I'm keeping it, but I think a more sturdy fabric would be better.  And I know there is a pattern out there on the web for it.  Don't tell anyone, but I think this might be a nice little bag for a certain group of ladies for a certain function.  Shhhh!.

And also, I've been hearing about this new magazine.  I'll review it when I get back from Iowa next week.

Not from the Fringe order, but from Schoolhouse Press, the latest edition of Wool Gathering came in the mail yesterday!  I have the perfect thought for this sweater for next Fall/Winter wearing!  I love getting my Wool Gathering.  When it comes in the mail, I get myself a cuppa and sit back and read it.  It's just my way of relaxing and keeping up with all things Meg.

That concludes my mail for yesterday.  Wonder what he'll bring me today?!

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