Monday, March 02, 2015

Mental Health Day

or aka do what you want to Penny Day!  And after catching up on some emails from work, I'm not even checking in there until tomorrow.  The eye place called and I got my glasses back with some new lenses.  I am loving them again, now that I can see without the scratches.

Now, what I did for ME today.

I swatched my new yarn.  This swatch is doubling as two swatches in one as the solid pink I bought to go with this is the same yarn so there was no need to do two swatches.  I am loving this yarn.  I use Cheryl Oberle's 30 stitch swatch method and border it with garter to be able to measure just what is in the body of the stitches.

I bought some stuff for me and a couple of things for some knitting buddies of mine from this totally cool website Fringe Supply Co.  I can't wait to get them and I'll blog about it all  when I have the goodies in my hot little hands.

I founds some cool new things to investigate from another nifty website I love looking at, Tolt.  Today's Tolt Blog was so neat to look at  Tolt Guest Blog  March is Icelandic month on their website and I love the unspun icelandic yarns.  They are not everyone's cup of tea, but I like them for nice outside sweaters and shawls that you want to be warm in.  A nice Unspun Icelandic sweater would have been great for this past weekend's knitting trip or whenever I need to be in and out of the car.  There may still be time to whip one up for this early Spring/Spring season.

My t.v. knitting this week is a blanket for the Hospice Home.  The yarn came from Yarn Over two years ago.  The pattern is the Big Bad Baby Blanket that I am adapting to a lap blanket.  The yarn is a worsted Claudia Handpaint that is so super soft.  It just is a dream to knit with.

It's back to work tomorrow, but I am ready.  Another day home and I would be breaking into the Girl Scout Cookies that are supposed to go to Iowa later this week with us!

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