Monday, March 09, 2015

Would I Buy It Again?

I do buy things on impulse.  I've been reading about this magazine in various places and I decided to get one and see if it was something that was worth looking into on a regular basis.

What I liked is they give you a code, so after you purchase the magazine, you can download it to your computer to look at there is you want to.  I like this.  I've seen one other publication recently that is doing this same thing.

There really was only one pattern in the whole book that I may want to knit.  A nice little shawlette for Spring.  What might have caught my eye was the color which is totally not showing well in this picture.

The socks are cute and maybe would make my iffy list.

 The hat, again makes the iffy list because of the colors,  but I'm not much of a hat person, so it is really low on the iffy list.

I loved these mitts, but mine would be sans picot edge.

The sleeve on this is just not me so it makes the no go list for me.

The featured sweater on the cover is a no go as well.  Those circles down the front just are not me.

This was a definite no.  It is a no way knit for me.  I don't need those cables and details around my hips nor do I ever wear drop shoulders in my sweaters, ever since Judy Chan.

I am just not into the sloppy look or oversized sweater and I hope to goodness, they never make a come back.  And there was nothing super special about the socks either. I really did not care for the toe treatment.

Unbelievably, this sweater I might knit.  But, I would definitely be making multiple changes to it.  It reminds me of a silhouette that I recently saw that I want to duplicate.  

The very last project was not a knit ball but a craft project, definitely a no for me.

Interestingly, there was also a recipe for Cardamom Rolls.  We just talked about Cardamom at our knitting weekend.  Since,  I am not a baker and I couldn't tell you what cardamom even tastes like, you know I'm not making these.

 The best part of the magazine was a cartoon story in the back about a Grandma who knits and starts to have health problems.

All in all, the magazine was okay, but just not my taste in knitting.  To each his ow.

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