Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Progress Reports

Since Hospice Home knitting is  this week, I thought it might be sensible to bring my Rustic Beauty out and work on it.  It won't be done for this Thursday, but perhaps for next month.  

I'm using Berroco Vintage DK.  This baby has been on the needles since November just waiting for me to finish it.  I am at a pretty good place in it for knitting in public.  The pattern picture has this final pattern being quite deep as opposed to the directions.  I'm going to continue a bit with the pattern as I want it to be a substantial shawl.  I've got plenty of yarn so that is no problem.

Addicted to Pi is coming along quite well.  Another good one that can be knit while watching t.v. or Netflix.  Speaking of Netflix, I am getting a kick out of watching Hart of Dixie, just a really cute series that makes good background knitting noise.

Remember this shawl that was much further along?! I totally screwed up one pattern repeat and good friend Linda tore it out for me and put it back on the needles too.  She must have sensed that the scissors were about to make an appearance!

Interesting isn't it? All of these in progress are shawls, not a Spring sweater in the bunch.  But, I told myself that I needed to finish at least one of these before the next project can be cast on.  Very monogamous of me I do believe.

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