Saturday, March 28, 2015

Celebrating Birthdays and Easter

It's hard to get everyone together these days so when we do, we celebrate.  All day long.  Birthdays and Easter.

Baby Boy B and his mom.  The Tall Guy has a nasty cold so he had to stay home from the fun.  We celebrated the Twins 32nd birthday (mid next month) even though Baby Boy A could not be here with us.

The cousins minus Miss Mona Lisa had so much fun!

The played and played til they dropped.  (Not really).

They hunted Easter Eggs!

While Baby Boy B tried to get our niece's  puppy Zoey to stay.  

Our niece tried to photo bomb Baby Boy B and his Grandma Rosie's photo op.

We finally just gave up and let her in the picture.

It was a beautiful and fun way to spend a Spring Saturday.  The sky was blue and the weather not so bad.  And there was family all around!

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