Monday, March 30, 2015

You Know February Is Over Don't You?

It seemed like a good idea back in January to do a Mystery Shawl Along.  But, I have had a couple of other knitting projects on my plate and I just never managed to get the first clue under my belt.  Until yesterday, when I cast on.

I was pleasantly surprised with myself, tonight, when I finished the first clue.  The one piece that is missing from the directions is the finished width, but I did some simple math with the recommended gauge and came up with what I think is going to be the unblocked measurements.

I, originally, cast on with my Chiagoo needles, but on a long term project I really hate having them tied up, so I switched over to my Addi-Cliks.    (Addis on the left, Chiagoos on the right)  Notice the differences in points?

I am so finding that I like the pointy needle for those stitches that have to be purled together.  I am using my Chiagoos when I am heavy into the project and when it goes to a resting place, putting it on my Addis as a place holder.

Onto the March clue.

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