Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Fall knitting magazines are starting to arrive. I received my Family Circle a week or so ago. There are a couple of things I wouldn't mind doing.
Like the vest on the right for my FIL, but as I recall somewhere in the basement I have one I started many years ago out of a really nice wool at the time. Course all these years later, he is a little thinner so I am sure it would not fit. I remember at the time I was working at a really nice fabric shop in Peoria and even bought some really cool buttons to go with it. I was always doing that -- buying everything to go with a project so I would have it all.
These mittens might be fun, except I do already have a pattern I like along with one mitten done.
And this over top would be a possibility for next summer maybe in another yarn. I never would spend the money on the Quest to do it, mostly because in Fall an Winter it wouldn't be very warm for me. And you know I am a cold blooded person! More thoughts on Fall knitting as the week progresses!

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