Sunday, July 03, 2005

It is Sunday morning, well almost afternoon. And you know what that means - list making and pre planning my week. There is a name for people like me, let me know what it is, but keep it nice. I like making lists, have I said that before? They keep me focused. Or at least at times they do. Other times, they show me what I have NOT focused on.

I make lists of:
-What Blog entries I want to make for the next couple of days.
-Clothes that I am going to wear for the work week and of course what jewelry goes with them - according to what the weather is predicted for - cause you know I wouldn't want to wear the same thing every week.
-Grocery/shopping Lists
-To Do List (for the day, for the week, for gift giving)
-Where I am going ( you know like when you have a whole lot of errands to do in one day and you don't want to be driving the same route over and over, especially with the price of gas)
-Things I want to knit out of a magazine before I put it away. I used to color code the magazine with color post its tabs: yellow (depicting heat and Summer), Blue (cool and Winter), Hot Pink - there weren't a whole of color options out there then
(Babies and Kids), and finally red or green (Christmas)
Now do you know more than you ever wanted to know about me??

When you think about it, a Blog is sort of a list too. A list of things I want to tell others or a diary for me. A way of expression. Hmmm---

Today, I expanded on what I was doing last night. This week's topic: Fall Birthday/Holiday Gift Giving Opportunities

This year for Christmas will be the final year I do stuff for certain members of the family. It just gets too tough and then they feel like they need to reciprocate so we are making a pack to only give when we want to and nothing is expected in return. So - those members that are on this "list" are getting sox (maybe).

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