Thursday, July 07, 2005

Somewhere I had a link to Interweave Knits, the Fall issue, that had a preview of the upcoming subscription. On Saturday night, I picked it up at our Wal-mart here in Pekin. I put it in my cart, thinking here is some good reading for the night that had nothing good to offer on t.v.

While waiting in the checkout line (there seemed to be a problem with the customer ahead of us and we were there with our stuff on the belt for about 10 mins) Anyway, I decided to look through it. Well, lets back up. I talked to one of my knit buds last week and she asked me if I had seen the new magazine. I told her I had seen a preview on line and it looked pretty good. She disagreed with me vehemently. But, you know sometimes there are varying opinions. Well, when I had all of this time in the check out on Saturday, I thumbed through it. I was glad I did. In the 10 minutes I stood there, I realized there was nothing in it that was worth me knitting so I put it back.I saved myself some $ and was glad that I did not have a subscription to it at this time. But again, there are varying opinions and maybe there is some out there who like it. Rob over at Threadbear Fiberarts discussed it a bit and he saw a couple of things that he evidently liked.

Can't wait for the Knitters Fall Issue. I checked their website lastnight and they are still showing the Summer Issue so I am not going to be checking my mailbox too soon for it. I only have one issue left, but will renew when I go up to SMW market next month. Usually if you renew for 3 years there is a little incentive.

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