Saturday, July 02, 2005

We interrupt the previous post's project, to work on this new project, just to the point of join this tunic to be together in the round. I have this little quirk - that if I go to a shop and sit and knit, I like to be knitting on a yarn that I actually bought from that shop. I figure if the shop owner is gracious enough to let me sit and knit there, that I ought to be at least some sort of advertisement for them. Using their yarn, hopefull inspires others to buy yarn and supplies from them.

Keeping this in mind, I want to get this tunic to the point that it can be knit without much thought the next time we go to knit night over in Morton, I am getting this to that point. Then, I am going to put it away in it's special bag just for Morton Knit Night Knitting. Really, no, really I will!

Realization sat it tonight, that winter is only about 5 months away and I would actually like to wear this tunic when it gets here or even before, say like late Fall, when it starts to get a chill. And further realization sat in that I really need to work on it more than sporadically, because say what happens if I
mis-calculated the yardage I need and that one ball that I left behind is gone when I get to the point of finishing it!!?? This is not something I want to have happen. You know you always run the risk of this.

Is it time to put my summer knitting away and be serious about my fall/winter knitting? Thoughts for a very late/early Sunday morning. And I'm PJKnits, signing off for now.

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