Friday, July 08, 2005

Some Friday Thoughts

--I have 5 baby gifts to do between now and October (4 of these are for twins)I hope I have the yarn in my stash somewhere that I can actually use. After last weekend (unearthing yarn downstairs), I surely must have something there. And if not, shopping will surely figure somewhere out there.
--I have two sweaters that persons have asked me to design for them. I wonder if real designers just design them on paper and never actually knit the designs? Can I get away with just knitting a mini sweater? Like in doll size?
--I have one sweater that I want to design. I have the patterns in mind for some time and on a little drawing for quite some time.
--I hope there is some decent t.v. on this weekend so I can knit with it. I do have the 3rd Harry Potter movie to watch. I thought last weekend, I would start with the first one and then continue on until I watched all three. Then I would be ready to read Harry Potter 4. I have both 4 and 5 waiting in the wings.
--Before Stitches Midwest Market in August, I would like to use up one of the yarn purchases that I bought at a previous Stitches Market

Just Some Friday Thoughts

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