Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I had such a headache by the time I got home last night and was in such a snit, that I didn't get my weekend pics done. Why was I in a snit, just a very long day with lots of work to do. I sold parking cards for two hours and didn't even get to haul my knitting out once. I took lunch at 2:00 and that was the start of the headache which just kept on going into the night.

I did manage this past weekend to accomplish a few things off of my list.

We did shop, I did plan a couple of WW dishes but, the one will have to wait to the weekend cause it takes an hour an 10 minutes in the oven.

I hauled out the baby yarn. It looks like I had one sweater all knitted in pieces, I just need to sew it tog, add buttons and the neck rib. Then I have enough yarn for two little sweaters out of the above yarn for a sweater that Jo lent me the pattern for. I must of liked the yarn alot cause I bought a bunch. For the last two sweaters, it does not appear that I have enough of anything left to knit them with. I have alot of one - two balls of alot of colors. Nothing enough for two sweaters. But I could make the baby surprise and use all of them if I have enough.

I have decided on my SMW project. I bought navy Sisik last year for a poncho and have since decided it was not for me, so I am using it for a cable sweater from a Phelps/Hiatt book I have. It is actually a mens sweater but I like the sweaters in the book for me. It will never be done by the time I shop at SMW, but it has given me a goal.

The black shawl, footies with Keds pic and the other sox have not been touched. But stay tuned!

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