Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Last Saturday was garbage day. Because of the 4th ours was picked up a day later than usual. And being up before anyone else, I noticed that someone left one of the cans behind and did not take out to the street. So since I was up and dressed (fell asleep in my chair with Friday's clothes on), I decided to go out and take it to the street. And because I had time before he came, I started taking some stuff out of our freezer that had been there for years and clearly would not be any good.

After I put as much as I could into the one can from the freezer, I started cleaning off of a couple of shelves in the garage. I figured what the heck, some of that stuff had been out there longer than the stuff in the freezer. Most of it was from my days at Off the Bolt in Peoria and prior to that my quilting and smocking days. A couple of boxes I could part with, and there was some batting that was so dusty it never could have went into any quilt.

Anyway over the course of cleaning, I found those handles. I started to toss it but could not make myself do it. Anyway, does anyone have a use for them? Norma? Anyone? They clamp shut when used and we used to incase them in a tube suede. They are kind of neat, but I doubt I ever would get around to using them, they might be neat for a bag of some sorts.

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