Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Incredible Poncho is finally at the point where it was a couple of weeks ago. I went all the way to size 17 needles and 40 stitiches. I still don't think it is airy enough, but it is going to be what it is. I am NOT taking it out again. Only three balls including the one that is currently attached and I will be done with it. This one seems to be taking an awfully alot of time.

I have to sell parking cards at the real work for two hours tomorrow over the lunch hour, I think I will take it along and see how much I can get done! I love the colors (they are all me) and the color name: Copper Penny. Now was that a yarn colorway made just for me??

I have great friends who are always on the lookout for colorways and accessories (caribe blue and lime) that are just scream me, me, me! Thanks Norma~

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