Sunday, July 24, 2005

I feel good with what I have accomplished this weekend. Got a touch of cleaning done. With sorting/filing of paperwork that has been stacking for some time feels good. And I straightened up around my knitting chair and gave thought to what I want to accomplish with the knitting and all of that stuff. I had another thought. I have a list of things that NEED to be finished by certain dates. And kind of told myself I could not buy anymore yarn at certain shops until I finished the last purchase from them. Then I went back to the list of dates due.

Which brought me to the current thought. I made a small list and it sits next to my chair as a reminder of what I should be working on this week. It started with three items on it: black mohair shawl(a late birthday gift for a friend which we celebrate in a couple of weeks), footies (cause I want to use up some leftover sock yarn and wear with my new keds) and the garter shawlette from Judy Pascale (and I had enough yarn to make it out of). Then the list grew by one: Charlottes Web Shawl ( I am going to get it out today, to see where I am at). I will work on Charlottes Web when there is nothing on t.v. and it is quiet and work a couple of rows every so often.

Now, I am thinking about adding just one more thing to the list. In anticipation of going to Meg's knitting camp with the Radical Knitters next year, I am going to start working through Knitting Around as a learning perhaps teaching opportunity and so I will be ready for next year. And at the same time, the first project is the moccasin socks and I think they would be great for my nieces/nephews Christmas presents this year.

I am feeling pretty good about what I really have accomplished even though I don't have alot to show for it.

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