Thursday, July 28, 2005

Welcome Back Norma! One of the Radical Knitter's returns tonight from Safari in Africa. She has been there for two whole weeks. Just wanted to let her know we missed her and can't wait to hear/see all about her trip. Cause I know I am never going there! It will be great to have her back with us. The other Radical Knitter who has been gone, Jan, should be back later this week too, so perhaps we will all be together for next Tuesdays Knit Night at Lakeview.

Just when you thought it was safe to say "I never use straights anymore"! Well, guess what, this morning I was set to start the pouch on my tunic and went to the worm bag for a spare #6 circular. What was in there? A little 16" circular. So I went to the basement, to get a straight, out of desparation. So forget what I said yesterday, I do sometimes use straights but only, only when that is all I got.

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