Saturday, July 09, 2005

What are you going to do today I mean this weekend? Me, I have a list :)

1. Grocery Shopping at Walmart and Kroger - our Saturday ritual, but I am going to get stuff for at least one new WW recipe.
2. Pull out my baby yarn and patterns and see what I have for those 5 babies due this Fall.
3. Wind a couple of skeins of that purple yarn and do a gauge swatch.
4. Pull out some of the yarn souvenirs I have bought from the past two SMW and see what I want to work on/complete before I go to market this year.--Goal, complete at least one.
5. Work on the lia sophia flyer for our Open House at the end of the month.
6. And work on the incredible poncho, the black mohair shawl for Cindy's birthday on the 20th and work on these neat new sox I am working on to see how the pattern is working out. ( I wonder who they are for??)
7. Take a pic of these really cool Keds I bought along with this equally cool pair of footies I am trying out.
8. Take pics of all that I have accomplished this weekend as proof that I didn't just sit around. Okay maybe not pics of everything because that could be boring, but the blog needs pics!!

Stay Posted!

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