Sunday, July 31, 2005

If I could I would put a link here to a couple of sites that are kind of cool that I have recently learned about. But, since I have no patience to sit and figure it out, you will need to copy and paste. Both of these are worth checking out.

The first I picked up from another Knit Blog, but unfortunately can't remember whose, but now that I have went back there is more to this than I first saw. The first time I went to: I just went and looked at the great knit theme fabric for sale. The stuff is so cool! It would be so neat if one had a yarn shop and could use it to decorate with and other things. But, today I went further into the website and she has some great sock pictures with patterns for free and shows how to do two socks on a 40" needle. Pretty cool, but again at this moment in my knitting I have no patience to learn anything new, but when I do, I have it book marked.

The second website is courtesy of Ellen at Lakeview 1st and 4th Tuesday Knit Nite. This site out of Canada has some great prices on Koigu and Zephyr yarn too. As soon as I complete the Shawlette that I am currently doing, I am going to investigate further. Especially the Zephyr. Char P, I might need your opinion on which way to go.

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