Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 Days and Distance

Yep, 10 days until Christmas.  If you are knitting for people for Christmas Day giving,  that is how long you have got until you need to have it ready.  Me, I am really trying hard to not give into the need to cast on a couple of things for the Tall Guy's side family Christmas next Saturday.

 In actuality, I do have until the 25th for a little baby sweater if I was so inclined, mainly because I will only knit for Bella (on the left) because, well frankly that is the only one that mom and dad really appreciate my knitting still, and because I will see them again on the 25th so I could give a sweater to her then without making anyone else feel bad for not getting a hand knit from Aunt Penny (not that they would).

I had pretty much tossed this sweater that I was making for Mona Lisa when she was home at Thanksgiving.  I held the back up to her (when I could get her standing still), and it was way too short on her or so I thought.

But, last night I decided to see just how far off it really was, by measuring it up against a shirt that I had bought her.  I was pleasantly surprised that where it needed extra length was in the first 2/3 of it  - before the binding off and shaping.  I ripped it back last night and am in the midst of re-shaping the top third today.

 I will have to do the same thing for one of the fronts that is done too, but since it is a toddler size I am not minding it so much.  The other front I have caught in time as it is still on the needles.

I guess, sometimes you just need to have a little perspective on your knitting and other things,  and a bit of time away doesn't hurt either from both knitting and other things.  I am now ready to press on with this garment and  I have more than 10 days to get it done.

Happy Christmas Knitting Everyone - you still have 10 days.

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