Thursday, December 19, 2013

How About Some Stocking Stuffers to Knit?

You've/I've still got the weekend and a couple of days after to knit some stocking stuffers.

How about:

Some slouchy hats or beanies.  Choose something knit with a medium weight yarn like these.

Knitting Pure and Simple's Mukluk pattern.  And you can buy it and download and print it out with a snap over on Patternfish.

Other quick ideas that are quite the rage that you could knit for stocking stuffers:
Fingerless Mitts, Boot Cuffs, a simple garter stitch scarf or the seamen's scarf made popular years ago (and one that I made about a dozen for co-workers), or if you don't want to knit something, a nice Craftsy Class tucked in your favorite knitter's stocking would be ever so lovely, don't you think?!

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