Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Presents 2014

The Tall Guy does a pretty good job on Christmas presents.  This year he insisted on a list and he being a good tall elf did good.  I got my new tall bookcase from Oak Express which let me bring some books out of the closet that had been in there.  I have a small version of this one that I have been putting my most used knitting books on.  Now, there is some semblance of order for them.

My DIL gets me.  Knitting and my fave color!   Notice the garter stitches on the to go cup.
Aren't you jealous?

Also, some cocoa and in the Snoopy venue.

I got the Swiss Army knife that I asked for.

And as the Tall Guy usually does, he surprised me with jewelry.

Funny thing?!  They are the same earrings he bought me last year to go with my ring he bought me the year before.  Hey, I am okay with it, I'll just get something in another gem.

This little cutie was left at the front desk for me.  It simply said from "The Elves".  I am still trying to figure out who it was from.  The side note, someone else got a mug from the elves.  Not a snoopy one and no significant tie to me other than we walk together.

It was a wonderful Christmas all the way around...

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