Thursday, December 12, 2013

Books for Christmas

These are some of my faves that I would have loved for someone to give me for Christmas.  I own them all so I won't be receiving them, but I wouldn't mind buying them and giving them to my favorite knitter for Christmas.

Very soon I will have this updated version of Knitting Workshop in my hands.  I own all of the EZ/Meg books and wouldn't want to live without any of them.

I have made several blankets out of this book and have a few more that I want to do.  This is truly a wonderful book if you have babies to knit for.

Ah, Coast Knits.  I love this cover sweater and have it on a list to knit in 2014 out of an Alpaca.

A knitter should not live without this tomb.  Many years ago I had my hands on it to buy at knit camp and passed it up.  I was so freaking excited when it finally came out again.

 A great book for new knitters!  I bought it for my niece a couple of years ago.  It has basic info in it along with some great projects for the new knitter.

I have been a fan of Top Down Sweaters forever and Ann Budd.  So, when she came out with a handy book of top-down sweaters I had to have it!

Ah, Knit! Swirl!  There is a lot of knitting on these sweaters, but wow, they are worth it.  And they look good on almost everyone.

One of the first books I ever bought that was knitting related was by Deborah Newton.  When I saw she was coming out with a book on finishing I knew I had to have.  Before, I could buy a dear friend bought it for me.

A new knitter author to me at the time I bought this book, I wasn't sure.  But, it didn't take me long to put this on my fave list.  Not only does it have some great patterns, but Wendy gives some great info on creating your own sweaters.

And my most favorite knitting book of all!!  And not just because I know the author, but because I truly love this book.  I work in an office environment and I have made many of these jackets and wear them to work.  I like this book so much that I own three copies.

One is the original that Cheryl signed and is quite dog eared.  The second is an e-version so I have it on my iPad whenever I need it, and the third I got when a dear friend had to down size and was getting rid of her books.  I just had to snap it up for posterity and for maybe a future knitter down the road.

I love the gift of books giving and getting.  What are your fave knitting books?

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