Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Up Get Going!

Okay, I liked having two weeks off, last week.  There was excitement in the air, Christmas, family celebrations and the anticipation of seeing Mona Lisa.  This week, not as much excitement.  There are decorations to take down, getting the house back in order and to top it off I think I have mouse/knitting elbow, personally diagnosed by me, Dr. H.  I have had a little twinge for about the last three weeks, and it is getting progressively a little worse, but that is not going to stop me from  knitting! At least not yet.  There is so much I want to be doing this week and so I am going to pop a couple of Aleve and get up and get going this fine colllllllllld Monday morning.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a finisher/blocker for my knitting.  I, totally, love the process of knitting.  These all need something done to them before they can be worn in public.

My goal this week is to whittle them down a bit this week so in the new year I can start a whole new stack.

I have blogged about this before, so forgive me for bringing the subject up again, but I have a real problem deciding on my next project after finishing one.  I have several in wheelhouse right now that I am contemplating on while I wait for the first of January and then Ravellinics to start in February.

That is one of the things I would like  get a better handle on in the new year.  This indecision of what I want to knit on next.  I am so easily drawn to what everyone else is knitting, what I think someone else is going to ooh and ah over, or what I feel like I "should" be knitting just because a. I bought the yarn for it, b. it is a WIP that I think I need to be knitting on or c. I said I would knit it on a KAL.

In 2014, quite frankly, I want to knit for me.   Years ago, when I worked for a very fashion forward fabric company (Off the Bolt, a div of Vogue Fabrics), we prided ourself in looking at ready to wear styles and then sewing them for way less than half the price.  We had access to many designer fabrics which just made the sewing all the more fun.  I loved the process of pulling it together down to the buttons (that is where I got my love for buttons and is a whole nuther post for the new year).  I believe we had a great idea back then for sewing garments and I believe it has relevance now in my knitting.

My focus for the new year-  Looking good, feeling good, looking fit and feeling fit and knitting sweaters that are fashionable and that fit me and my style.  But, most of all with yarn that I want to knit with!  I believe that even on my not so perfect body, I can knit things that are right out of the pages of ready-to-wear and make them my own.  To get started, I have created a new board over on Pinterest on styles that I want to, for lack of a better word knock off or maybe a better word duplicate for me, my style, my fit.
2014 Knit and Fit!

I feel good about my knitting and as I finish this post, I feel even better then I did when I started writing it.  I feel like getting up, getting going and accomplishing great things this week when it comes to knitting!  I hope you do too, come on, lets get going, lets knit something fashionably forward!  I hope you will come along with me on this journey in 2014 and please jump in and add comments too.

And the elbow, I think it needs less mouse time, so I may scale back from that and narrow it down.

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Kristen said...

Awesome post, I feel inspired!