Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Day Knitting

Our really first big snow fell overnight.  It is so beautiful in the early morning before anyone has a chance to drive down the streets.

And the backyard and trees before the little creatures start walking around, and big creatures go out to snow blow it away.

The light of the day makes me want to stay home today from the shop, which I am going to and just enjoy the day and knit and do laundry.

Coffee will be involved, mass quantities of coffee, I can stay in my jammies for as long as I want, because I really do not have to go anywhere.

And because I finished my project last night, I get to decide what I am going to concentrate on knitting today.  And because I am not knitting the shop, I can knit on any of the projects that I have in hand.  I just have to figure out what it is I want to be knitting on next.

My yarn shop project from Norah Gaughan out of Kodiak.

My Downover Shawl out of Cheryl's Just Beautiful Alpaca.

Stora Dimun from Unspun Icelandic.

Oh the decisions!  The nice thing is they are all for me.  No Christmas knitting for this girl, well at least I don't think there is, after all there are only like 10 days left!  Actually a week until we celebrate the first of three Christmas celebrations.  I hope I don't get any bright ideas to knit for anyone.

And finally - why does snow always look prettier before Christmas and in January/February just look plain Ugh!

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