Sunday, December 01, 2013

First Of All Stockings

Make sure you knit that stocking first, you gotta have something for Santa to put those goodies in don't you?!

I have probably blogged about this before, if I have and it sounds familiar, skip over it, if not, read on.

I have twin sons.  When they were first born,  I was cross stitching a lot.  Baby Boy B got a really elaborate cross stitched stocking.  Baby Boy A (because I ran out of time) got an appliqued one with glued on sequins.  Bad Mom.  But, hey, I made up for it last year by knitting his daughter a fairly nice stocking for her first Christmas.

There are so many cool stockings out there that you can knit for fun, for grand children, for decorations or for holding silverware.  I love this idea for a nice table decor and when dinner is over, everyone can take one home, the stocking, not the silverware.

One of my fave patterns that I have the yarn for (which was originally slated for Mona Lisa, but did not get done and frankly I am saving it for myself) is Eli's Stocking from Schoolhouse Press.

I am also totally loving these from Churchmouse Yarns and Tea too.  Very simple but very homey too.

In future December posts, I'll probably more than once show you some of my faves from Churchmouse.  If you haven't visited their website, I would encourage you to do so.  They have some really super fantastic stuff for holiday gift giving.

I have had this book for several years.  I always thought that if I was a shop owner, it would make a neat class for Christmas in July. You know, making stockings in July so you have them ready to put up when the first of December sneaks up on you.  It has a stocking for everyone, even for man's best friend.

And sneaking in behind the above book is Knitting Pure and Simple's Easy Christmas Stocking pattern.      Love that one because, well frankly, it is so darn pure and simple and adaptable to any color or adding a motif of your own.

There a tons of cool stockings and ideas over on Ravelry and I would encourage you to go over and check them out, but don't take too much time deciding, Christmas is only 24 days away.


Cheryl said...

One of my great knitting pals and test knitters, Lynn Gates, designed the cover stocking on the cover of the Interweave book...and she knit one for both of us"kids" in this house! They are so cute and they hold lots and lots of goodies!

Penny said...

How cool is that! And I love the cover stocking.